Plain, stitched and patterned belts.

Silver plated buckle sets.

Python skin belts.

Hoof pick belts.

Ranger/Western belts.

Extra thick belts.

Woven belts.

Extra wide belts.

Narrow belts.

Buckleless belts.

Work/Tool belts.

If you prefer, you can choose belts by colour.

Black belts.

Brown belts.

Tan belts.

Mahogany belts.

Green belts.

Red belts.

Other leather goods.





Making and supplying leather belts and other leather goods since 1993.

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Handmade leather belts, harness stitched. Different buckle and colour choices….from €38.00. P&P included.

Handmade leather belts, plain. Different buckle and colour choices….from €32.00. P&P included.

A harness stitched, mahogany coloured, 3.5 centimeter wide belt with a old brass cloured square buckle, shown rolled up and on its side, on sack cloth.A plain, mahogany coloured, 3.5 centimeter wide belt with silver cloured square buckle, shown rolled up and on its side, on sack cloth.

Handmade leather belts, patterned. Different buckle, pattern and colour choices….from €38.00. P&P included.

4cm hand made leather patterned belt in brown.

Handmade Leather Belts using the best, Spanish, Vegetable Tanned, Full Grain Leather.

Three piece buckle sets on handmade leather belts. Different colour and buckle choices….from €90.00. P&P included.

Python skin belts… from €99.00 P&P included.

Literally hundreds of choices for your handmade leather belt. Plain, patterned and harness stitched belt lengths, choice of buckles, six colours, different widths and thickness. Every handmade leather belt is made to the exact length specified by you, the customer.

We make all of our handmade leather belts using the best quality, full grain, vegetable tanned leather because of its unique look and durability.

The natural tanning process ensures that fibres remain in their natural state, producing hard wearing individual hides that are perfect for belts.  

We use spirit based dyes to colour our belts. These give deep rich colours but do not obscure any natural features, such as scars, growth marks, veins etc., which give life and individuality to the belts. If you want to know the ins and outs of leatherwork go to our about leather page.

All of our handmade leather goods can be made in the six following colours. Sorry if this page took a while to download, large panels are essential to get a good idea of the colours. On most belt pages in the website you can see these colours again by clicking on the green text that mentions colours.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase an item, make your choices in the PayPal drop down boxes and text boxes that you will find on each page, then click “Add To Cart”. This will take you to PayPal where you will see the prices again.  If you have not done this before, don’t worry you don’t actually buy anything until you enter your credit card details and confirm the purchase. You can back out at anytime…..NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NEEDED, just use your credit card as normal.







Western/Ranger belts … from €49.00 P&P included.

Work/Tool belts …€40.00 P&P included.

Woven belts …€63.00 P&P included.

Extra thick belts …from €50.00 P&P included.

Narrow belts …from 29.00 P&P included.

Buckleless belts …€29.00 P&P included.

Extra wide belts …€52.00 P&P included.

Hoof pick belts …€36.00 P&P included.

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Decuero Leather - Quality handmade leather belts and other handmade leather goods made in Javea in the Valencian Community of Spain since 1993. Our handmade leather belts are all made from full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide. All of our handmade leather belts and other handmade leather goods are available in black, brown, tan, mahogany, red and green. All prices include postage and packing. Look in our comments box and see what customers have said about us.

 Plain St. patt belts Plain St. patt belts Plain St. patt belts4cm Silver buckle setsSnakeskin beltsBuckleless beltsRanger beltsWork beltsWoven beltsExtra thick beltsNarrow beltsHoofpick beltExtra wide belts

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We’ve just been “virtualized” with Google Street View for Businesses. A photographer and software specialist, (Google vetted and approved) came with a huge amount of equipment. One did all the photography and the other talked me through what I would be able to do with the finished result. Here it is. Come in and have a walk around the shop. You can also just find us on Google maps and wander into the shop. I’m so impressed with what they did and how little it cost, that I’m going to give them a link. Luisa Moyano-

As soon as we get a good set of photos, these hippie style belts will be on the website.

If you don’t want to wait, send us an email.