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Making top quality, handcrafted belts using the very best Spanish leather since 1993.

Womens Handmade Narrow Leather Belts.  €40.00 .V.A.T and Postage included.

These handmade leather, slim, narrow or thin belts are 15mm (just over half inch) wide. They are cut, dyed and finished by hand from 3mm thick cowhide, complete with a solid brass or nickel buckle. These leather belts really are good value for money. We make them in six different colours and to any length you wish. In the photo below, from the top……..Black, Mahogany, Green, Tan, Red and Brown.

A closer view of a brown, hand made, leather, slim, narrow or thin belt. Whatever you want to call these belts, at €40.00 including V.A.T and P&P you're getting a carefully made item using the very best materials. Vegetable tanned, full grain cowhide and a solid brass or nickel buckle, made to measure.


Handmade Leather Narrow Belts in a Pile. Handmade Leather Belt, Narrow, Tan.

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You have to take a measurement to determine what length your new belt will be. whether your old belt is a bit too long, or a bit too short, take a measurement from the hole that you're using now to the tip of the buckle. This measurement lets me calculate the correct length of the new belt. You can take this measurement in centimetres or inches as you will be typing this figure in later. Do not go by the number on the back of your old belt, manufacturers sizes vary. Even waist sizes on jeans or trousers can be inaccurate. The best way to measure for your new belt is to measure your old belt. Remember, measure from the hole that you use now to the tip of the buckle.

How to Measure for your new belt.


Diagram of how to measure for you new belt.
Belt measurement.

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