This webpage is aimed at English speaking people, living in Spain. (I’m working on the Spanish webpage translation). The reason for that being, no one would buy one of these amplifiers without listening to it first. As I live in Javea on the Costa Blanca I’m assuming only people who live nearby will be interested.

  I love building audiophile quality, stereo valve amplifiers. In fact I can’t stop building audiophile quality, stereo valve amplifiers, and there lies a problem. How many audiophile quality, stereo valve amplifiers does a person need? Answer? One.

  The way I’ve got round this, is to sell on the current amplifier when I feel the need to build a different one.

Below are two of the amps I’ve built and sold on, and two that I haven’t sold. They’re  sitting here in my workshop/listening room. I swap between the two. (Click on images to enlarge them).

  One of the the two I sold was originally built for my own use (the cowhide covered one), but I sold it on to a friend who fell in love with it. The second of the two was built for a friend who had very strong ideas on what he wanted it to look like (the steampunk one), so I built it exactly how he asked.

  At this point in time I have two valve amplifiers for sale if you fancy owning one, or I can make one especially for you. There are various electronic designs to choose from, and as for how it looks, that’s up to you. Only the highest quality components are used and the circuit designs are proven to give an incredible sound. Audiophile quality stereo valve amps use very expensive components, most of the cost of these amps is in the components. I add on a very small cost for building and testing them. What happens if they stop working? Well they probably won’t, but if they do I’ll make any repairs for free as you would expect. If you are a music lover, hearing is believing, nothing beats a Single Ended Triode Valve Amplifier. If you want to know more, please phone or Whatsapp me on 653 38 74 24 or send me an email……

  A Pair of Red and Black, 6EM7 Single Ended Triode, Class A, Mono Block Amplifiers with Baxandall Tone Stacks.

  Using one amp for each channel gives a wide, accurate sound stage. A bass, treble and volume control on each amp allows you to set up the system  exactly to your liking. To see the build click HERE


  A Green and White, 6V6 Single Ended Triode, Ultra Linear Class A, Stereo Amplifier with a Stereo Baxandall Tone Stack.

  This amplifier can be used on its own with just a volume control or as shown with a stereo tone stack, (2 x bass, 2 x treble and 2 x volume controls). Take the time to set it up and then just use the main amplifier volume control.


  A Carved Leather, Steampunk 6V6 Stereo Amplifier with a 4S Universal Preamp and Sub Woofer Plate Amplifier.

  This amp has everything. The preamp allows you to try different valves within certain limits. All valve types have a different sound. In the USA they call this tube rolling. It allows you to have some input as to the final sound of the amplifier.

  The power amp is a single ended triode, ultra linear, class A amplifier. A very crisp and clean sound.

  A pre built plate amp has been built in to run a subwoofer.

  A Raspberry Pi mini computer has also been installed in the chassis which runs a music delivery system called Rune Audio. Just plug in your hard drive with all your music on and use a phone or tablet to control it. Click HERE to see the full build.


Two pine cabinets with cream top chassis plates, showing seven thermionic valves and five black transformers on each.

  A Cowhide Covered 6EM7 Single Ended Triode, Class A, Vertical Amplifier.

  This was my first major project. Built to look old fashioned and kept simple by having no tone stack. A beautiful, warm sounding amp with two volume controls to adjust balance.

  I went on to build matching speakers and a subwoofer. If you’re interested, click HERE to see the whole project. I waffle on a bit, but it does show you what goes into building an amp of this quality.


  Good quality input such as a CD player or FLAC files on your computer are always going to sound better than playing MP3 files on your phone, but you can plug in any sound source other than a turntable, guitar or a microphone.

  To get the very best from these amplifiers, a good set of efficient speakers are a must. Maybe you’d like to build your own speakers, I can help you with that, or I’ll build them for you. Photos on the way.

  The Wine Box Amplifier. A 6EM7 Single Ended Triode, Class A Amplifier.

This was more a bit of fun than anything else. A really good quality 6EM7 amplifier built into a champagne box with with a second box on top for a lid.

  As an after thought I motorized the lid. To see the build click HERE


A carved leather, steampunk 6V6 stereo valve amplifier, showing copper transformers and four thermionic valves. A cowhide covered, 6EM7, class A vertical amplifier, showing three thermionic valves and three blue transformers.

Iron & Glass.

Audiophile quality, hand built, stereo and mono block valve amplifiers.

Angled view of a thermionic valve. Angled view of a blue power transformer.