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Making top quality, handcrafted belts using the very best Spanish leather since 1993.

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4cm wide, Soft Handmade Leather Belts. €50.00 P&P included.

Our soft handmade leather belts are made from the same full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide that we use on all of our handmade leather products, but there’s a plus. The hides we use for these belts have not been stretched and have been impregated with oils in the tanning process (don’t worry, it doesn’t leak out and stain your clothes). The result is a strong but very supple belt with a slight textured finish. All of our other leather belts take a bit of wearing in, you need to wear them daily for a few weeks while they supple up, but not these ones. Available in three colours, black, tan and dark brown with a selection of nine buckles to choose from.

As standard we put seven holes at two centimeters intervals in our belts. This way if you gain or lose a bit of weight, the adjustment from one hole to the next is not uncomfortable. If you decide to order a soft handmade leather belt please follow the measuring instructions lower down the page carefully. Make your colour and buckle choices in the PayPal button at the bottom of the page and type in your belt measurement as described in the instructions. We’ll make your belt within three working days at the most and then get it in the post to you.

You have to take a measurement to determine what length your new belt will be. whether your old belt is a bit too long, or a bit too short, take a measurement from the hole that you're using now to the tip of the buckle. This measurement lets me calculate the correct length of the new belt. You can take this measurement in centimetres or inches as you will be typing this figure in later. Do not go by the number on the back of your old belt, manufacturers sizes vary. Even waist sizes on jeans or trousers can be inaccurate. The best way to measure for your new belt is to measure your old belt. Remember, measure from the hole that you use now to the tip of the buckle.

How to Measure for your new belt.

Diagram of how to measure for you new belt. Front view of a black, soft, handmade leather belt without buckle. Front view of a tan, soft, handmade leather belt without buckle. Front view of a brown, soft, handmade leather belt without buckle. Front view of a tan, soft, handmade leather belt with a nickel coloured buckle, worn with jeans.




There is a €4.00 surcharge for shipping orders outside of Europe. If this applies to your purchase, please use the appropriate PayPal button for your purchase and then return to the site with the "continue shopping" button and use this button to pay the surcharge.


Soft Handmade Leather Belt. €50.00 P&P included.

P1023422cut.jpg P1023419cut.jpg P1023408 cut.jpg Birds eye view of a tan, soft, handmade leather belt with nickel coloured buckle.


If you follow the measuring instructions properly, using the belt you are wearing at the moment, we can judge the correct length of your new belt. We add 19cms to the length you have given us and put in the holes so that the 4th or 5th hole will fit you comfortably. This gives you 2 or 3 holes for getting slimmer and 3 or 4 holes for getting larger. If you prefer we can make the belt a bit longer or shorter than shown in the photos on the left, just contact us straight away after you have ordered, or you can put a message in PayPal when you are paying for your belt.

Buckle No.9.

There are nine buckles to choose from. Two brass, two nickel, two antique brass looking, and three dull nickel looking. They’re from two different manufacturers and all nine have proven to be strong and long wearing. You can enter your buckle choice and belt colour choice in the PayPal drop down boxes below, then type in the belt measurement, “Add to cart” and follow the instructions. read more…



Two brass and two nickel buckles, displayed on a black belt length. Four plated buckles displayed on a black belt length.









brass-nickel-buckles-cropped-900.jpg plated-buckles-cropped-900.jpg

Buckle No.9.





Buckle Number
Belt Measurement.

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