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Making top quality, handcrafted belts using the very best Spanish leather since 1993.

A pile of raw hides stacked on a pallet. A dying drum being emptied. A side view of three wooden dying drums. Hundreds of leather hides hanging in a drying room. A side view of a man measuring leather thickness. A front view of a leather hardener. Coloured leather hides hanging to dry. Front and side view of leather hides coming out of a dryer. Storage room full of natural hides. Black and natural leather hides hanging in storage. A hide of wet leather going through a mangle. Front view of an industrial leather splitter.

A visit to a Spanish tannery in Igualada, a tannery town near Barcelona.

Straight from the abattoir, salted hides complete with hair are stored in refrigerated rooms. ready to start the process.

Large wooden drums are used for all the wet work. De-hairing, de-fleshing, cleaning, rinsing, vegetable tanning and in some cases dyeing.

Hides coming out of the drums after the final rinse. These hides are now classed as chemical free.

Hides being mangled to take out as much water as possible

Large temperature and humidity controlled rooms for drying the hides

Rollers and super sharp metal bands are how the leather is split into layers.

Trimming the hides and checking the thickness.

Compressing the leather for soles and heels for the shoe industry

Thinner hides having been sprayed are on their way round to be sprayed again for a darker finish.

Drying the finished hides

Natural and Black hides awaiting further work. Oiling or waxing perhaps.

Storing and grading the hides.

View BASF document on all aspects of tanning leather in painfull detail.

Decuero Leather,

Plaza de la Iglesia 11,

Javea, 03730,

Alicante, España.


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